Types of Siding Materials

Different Siding Material You Can Use For Your Home

Homeowners planning to have a home improvement will definitely consider home sidings as part of their planning. However, apart from simply viewing home siding in relation to aesthetics, homeowners should also consider one of its main purposes.

The siding, whether for residential or commercial building, is used not only for theming the aesthetic of your home but also for protection purposes, The siding protects the property from harsh external elements like rain, hail, snow, or ice, making it an ideal first barrier of defense.

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To help you identify and select the best sliding material for your home or business property, outlined underneath are the commonly used siding materials for improvement and protection.

Metal Siding

This type of siding material may come in various forms, such as an aluminum or steel form. Metal siding is sought by homeowners for its durability and low maintenance requirement. This type of siding is commonly used as “retrofit” siding. However, metal siding also has its failing. As a siding material, aluminum or steel may be prone to denting and can also be noisy at times.

Wood Siding

A wood siding is perhaps the oldest siding option available in the market. This is a classical siding material that has been used centuries ago and is still being used up to the present. One of the traits of a wood siding is the availability of style, which may come as a clapboard, shakes, shingles or lap.

Experts advise that when installing a wood siding, it is essential that you protect it from moisture; hence, requiring priming. Depending on the material and maintenance, a wood siding like cedar wood may last for 50 years.

Cement Fiber

Since a wood siding is not easy to maintain, another option for property owners is the cement fiber. This siding material has a wooden finish to it and also available in different styles such as beveled siding and stucco panel styles. For additional design and effect for your property, an optional trim and millwork pieces may also be added.

Vinyl Siding

Popular for its low maintenance, durability, versatility, and low cost, Vinyl Siding is one of the highly used synthetic home exterior material. Property owners have the option to choose from the variety of colors available in order fit to their own taste and home design. Vinyl siding may come in a form of horizontal panels, fish scales, beaded designs, lap, shakes, vertical panels, and shingles.

Glass Siding

Although not technically a siding, but it is a feasible exterior option for establishments. This is usually used by property owners whose environment may require a lot of natural light. However, in choosing glass for home siding, the durability of the glass material should be considered. Similarly, this material for home siding may cost more than the conventional ones and may require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Vinyl Siding For your Home

The ones highlighted above are some of the conventional and latest updates on exterior property protection. However, before deciding on what type of siding to choose either for home or business purposes, experts should be consulted first to avoid costly mistakes and repetitive labor.

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