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Every year, many home and business owners find themselves asking this one question: To repair or get a whole new replacement? The answer to this question depends on the type of damage that you have currently has. This is the main reason why roofing contractors are required to come by in person your home before giving you an accurate quote. Sometimes it is easy to find the issue, but other times, leak detection it self can be a whole new task of its own. If you’re in the situation, read rest of the article below to get a better understanding.

Take it from a Professional:

While it seems obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of homeowners we run into which needs an entire roof replaced because it was installed in the wrong way. Getting advice from an amateur can lead to one of the most expensive home renovations you come across. South Shore Roofing is certified under GAF and Certainteed for both residential homes and commercial properties.

Do You Need a Temporary Fix or a Permanent Solution?

As your roof ages, the materials around it begin to deteriorate and you will eventually have to replace your roof. In many cases, a roof that is still in good condition can get away with one off patches to temporarily fix the problem. However, if the same problem keeps showing up, often times the best option is to get you’re entire roof replaced.

How old is your roof?

Time and Mother Nature takes a toll on your roof. If the roof is old enough, no matter what you repair and patch up, the underlying foundation of the roof is weakened and is in time for a new one. Even though replacing your roof may not rank the highest in your list of home renovations, leaving it for later will eventually lead to more problems and more costs.

Roof Repair History:

If your roof has had bad repairs done in the past, it might be better to have a new roof installed even if your current problem would be classified as a repair issue. Again, repairs are cheaper than replacements but repeated repairs will eventually become more costly. Exterior roofing companies will be able to properly assess your roofs repair history and determine whether a new roof is needed or not.

Cost of repairs:

Depending on the current state of your roof, it may cost more to repair than to implement a new roofing system. For example, if your roof repair involves removing panels or shingles to fix a certain problem in your deck, the labor involved in such a repair might actually cost more than a replacement. The cost of repairing materials involved may actually make it just as expensive as buying new materials altogether.

As mentioned earlier, each roof will have to be replaced eventually and many homeowners wrestle with this decision. Needing a new roof maybe obvious in some situations and not so obvious in others. Before making any repairs or replacements, be sure to consider the tips we provide and always take the advice of certified roofing companies over non-accredited companies.

Repair My Leaky Old Roof Or Buy A New One?

The lifespan of a roof depends on the grade of its shingles and the climate you live in. A typical roof will last anywhere between 15 to 35 years and if you stay in your home for the long term, you can expect to replace your roof a few times in your life.

Sagging deck:

The deck is the insulated layer found between your roof’s shingles and the plywood nailed to joists. Over time, shingles deteriorate and water begins to seep in and saturate your deck resulting in a sagging inward curve. There will be a bulge in your ceiling and this means it is only a matter of time before water begins to drain into your home.

Internal water damage:

As time passes, all homes are likely to have leaks somewhere which lead to unsightly brown spots on your ceiling. In our years of experience, it’s a good rule of thumb to treat anything to do with water as emergency. If the leak is bad enough, roof replacements may actually be cheaper than roof repair. Leaks can get behind walls and even below your floors, spreading damage all around your home if you let it. Should you ever see brown spots on your ceiling, there is a strong possibility of it leaking at other parts of your house as well.


Molds are a common problem for roofing with leaks, especially if the leaks reach the drywall. Molds can cause serious problems to your home and your health. It will also make it more difficult to sell your home until a roofing company properly addresses the problem.

Water Dams:

A roof should always be sloped in such a way that allows water to run off of it and never create a damn. Clogged drains and botched roof installations commonly causes water to be stored in unwanted places. If you choose to avoid fixing the problem, the shingles will begin to wear out unevenly and create even larger pools of water. This is usually a gutter problem as opposed to roofing one.

Worn or damaged shingles:

Shingles have different stages of deterioration. In the initial stage, they will be shedding, granules which lead to clogged gutters. At the end of the final stage, they will have curled and buckled. Shingles that have shed out granules can still keep water out but once they buckle, leaks will begin to appear.

You will need to decide if to repair or replace your roof. You’ll have to decide between the two on your own but if your roof shows signs of at least 2 of the mentioned problems, it may be better to get your home exterior replaced. Consult us at anytime for a better advice and an inspection of your roof.

Massachusetts Service Area:

South Shore Roofing offers our contracting service to the greater Boston Metropolitan area. You can find our trucks from South Boston to Plymouth. We usually travel west as far as the Canton & Brockton area. We can make exceptions under certain circumstances so give us a call. Our South-West border tends to be the East & West Bridgewater area. Our Eastern tip is at Marshfield and Duxbury which are the 2 most Eastern towns in the South Shore. A lot of our work is obviously done in South Shore areas like Abington, Braintree, Brookline, Cohasset, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson and Milton. We also do a great deal of commercial and residential work in Newton, Norwell, Pembroke, Scituate, Hingham, Kingston, Weymouth & Whitman. If you live in any of these areas we can provide you with great contracting services at great prices. We also include the best warranties in Massachusetts!

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