How to Remove Ice Dams on your Roof

Getting Rid of Ice Dams from Your Roof

Ice Dam formation

The sometimes artistically formed hump of ice on the edges of your roof during the winter season is known as ice dams. Although they may look “cool” and beautiful to the to “eyes,” they can be both dangerous to the people around and be damaging to the structure of your home, inside and out.  It is highly recommended to call on Roofing Experts to remove them as it can be quite dangerous. 

Ice dams are the product of the interaction between outside temperature during winter, snow cover, and heat loss through the poorly insulated ceiling of your home. The water normally moves downward between the layer of snow until it reaches the edges of the roof known as eaves. Once it reaches the eaves of the roof, it will gradually freeze flourishing into a mound of ice or ice dams as it is commonly known.

Understanding how they are formed and the potential injuries and damages it may bring is not enough to prevent such incidents. That is why outlined below are some of the quick fixes on how to deal with these build ups on your roof.

Quick Fix for Removing Ice Dams on Your Roof

  • Upon noticing ice dams on your roof, you may remove the mounds of ice by simply breaking it free into small chunks. However, you should not use sharp tools like an ax, for there is a danger of cutting through the shingles. Instead of using a sharp tool, tap lightly with a blunt mallet to avoid any structural damages.
  • With the use of calcium chloride, you may melt ice dams. In order to do so, simply fill a nylon stocking with such compound, and place it vertically across the mound of ice. It will do the trick, but be careful not to use rock salt as it may damage the paint and metals.
  • By simply scraping the snow from your roof using snow rake, you may prevent ice dams. Alternatively, using a broom or plastic shovel from above may also help in removing snow accumulation that may lead to their formation.
  • Another quick fix to remove ice dams from the roof is by spraying warm water on the roof. By spraying warm water along the ice, it will eventually loosen up and fall from the eaves. However, this method serves only as a stopgap solution and may be applied in conjunction with other approaches listed down.
  • The use of chemical de-icer products found in your local hardware and some home improvement stores may also do the trick. This chemical product mainly contains urea fertilizer, ammonium sulfate, calcium magnesium acetate, or potassium chloride that works well in gradually melting the ice. However, using this chemical product may be harmful if instructions are not followed precisely, so be very careful with it.

The ones outlined above are considered immediate solutions when dealing with ice dams on your property. Since it is only a quick fix, ice dams will still continue to form, unless permanent solutions are applied. In view of such fact, it would be best for you to call us at South Shore Roofing to professionally resolve your problems with ice dams, either at home or at your workplace.

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