Common Roof Leak Causes and Solutions

Solutions to the Most Common Roof Problems

One of the commonly encountered roofing problems faced by most property owners is a roof leak. You really wouldn’t like having to run around your home with a drip bucket during the rainy season. Apart from it is annoying, it would sometimes be exhausting on your part. You might think that such occurrence is a normal event in every person’s property, especially if it is just one insignificant and inconsistent dripping.

However, that one small drip you might have been noticing now and then may represent a larger roofing issue you are not aware of. With your sanity and investment in mind, beneath are some of the most common causes of roof leaks and their potential solutions.

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Cracked Flashing

If you are not familiar with the term, flashings are those thin pieces of metal that contractors use under your roof shingles and on corners or joints of your roof that serves as a waterproofing material or barrier. Since the installed flashing above your roof serves mainly as a waterproofing material, any cracks or punctures on it will likely result in leaks.

For you to remedy the situation, you might need to go up your roof and check for the flashings that are directly and around the area where leaking is experienced. Depending on the damage or condition of the flashings, you might need to reseal or even replace some of them to fully remedy the leaks.

Missing Shingles

Don’t let broken or missing shingles break your patience, for this leak cause may easily be spotted and even remedied. By means of ocular inspection on your roof, you can easily identify any missing shingles, especially after a heavy storm. You may find it littering in the other areas or your roof or even in your lawn. The case of missing shingles is caused both by heavy rain and strong wind, and with such missing portion, your roof is more susceptible to leaks.

The most obvious solution to this problem is for you to locate the areas where shingles are missing or broken. Afterward, you should evaluate on whether repair or replacement is the most appropriate thing to do, then proceed with what is needed.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

This may be something new to you, but an improperly sealed valley may also be one of the reasons why you are experiencing roof leak. Since you may not be familiar with the said cause of leak, it may also follow that you are not aware of what a valley is. Well, valley refers not to the low area between hills or mountains, for in this case valley simply points to the area where two planes of your roof meet.

Such meeting point, the valley, will require proper sealing in order to prevent rainwater for simply seeping through your roofing material. When you notice some wet spots along the seams of your roof, it would probably mean that you need to reseal portions of your valley.

The common roofing issues and the suggested solutions mentioned above is a combination of both simple and complicated roof problems that may require complex solutions. That is why, for your home to be guaranteed free of any leaks, you can contact the professionals at South Shore Roofing to resolve the problems, especially when it involves a complex undertaking such as sealing of roof valley. You can callĀ (781) 826-7663 or visit us atĀ 260 Washington St, Pembroke, MA 02359 to book your consultation.

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